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Kodak Opens New Flexo Packaging Technology Center in Shanghai


Kodak, one of the world’s leaders in commercial print solutions, hosted customers and other guests at the March 29th, opening of its new Flexo Packaging Technology Center in Shanghai, China. More than 50 assembled customers, industry media and partners attended to see product demonstrations at the new location.

The new technology center is designed to provide customers and others from the print industry with opportunities to see and discuss demonstrations of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System or to have plates made for printing trials. It is also as a space where Kodak’s vision for flexographic printing in packaging can be shared with trade shops, printers, brand owners and industry partners across the Asia-Pacific region. The center is complete with real-life examples of packaging projects in which Kodak technology is making a difference every day, and with tools that provide inspiration to the Kodak team and prospective visitors.

This investment by Kodak demonstrates the company’s commitment to flexographic print technology for packaging in China and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. “The quality, efficiency and environmental benefits of the latest flexo printing capabilities are driving more printers to transition from traditional gravure and offset solutions here in China and the Asia Pacific Region,” said Chris Payne, General Manager and Vice President, Flexographic Packaging Division, Kodak. “Our world-class technology and packaging solutions are now on display and accessible in this incredibly important part of the world where we see great opportunities as printers adopt flexo technology to meet their customers’ needs.

Chris Payne and Yong He, Kodak Greater China Cluster Business Director, were joined at the opening of the tech center by honored guests Ms. Fang Qian, Vice Division Chief, Press and Publication Administration and Jianbao Zhou Director of The Flexographic Printing Branch of China Print Technology Association to formally open the center for business. In accordance with local custom, they were joined by Boon Tien Pang, Global Operations Director, Flexographic Packaging Division, to draw the eyes on the lions, boldly decked out in Kodak corporate yellow and red colors, to bring good luck to the facility.

Kodak customers in attendance expressed excitement and confidence in Kodak’s latest effort. “Kodak technology is delivering solutions to the complete value chain,” Graeme Kirk, Chairman, the Kirk Group. “We have practical every-day experience of using the FLEXCEL NX System to convert gravure designs to flexo, bringing flexibility and faster turnaround times to packaging production without compromising quality and opening all-important doors for print standardization.”

“Kodak is developing true partnerships and reaching upstream to the brand owner to help them take advantage of new technology with confidence for product ranges within their portfolio,” said Jason Goode, Packaging and Process Development Manager, Simplot. Printers with an interest in flexo printing solutions for packaging are eagerly invited to visit the new Shanghai Flexo Technology Center to experience, first hand, the technical and cost advantages of this Kodak technology.

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