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SEA Vision announces the acquisition of the Argentine LIXIS


SEA Vision Group, the Italian company leader in the development of vision and track-and-trace systems for the pharmaceutical industry with a consolidated turnover of 60 million €, announces the 100% acquisition of Lixis, the Argentine software house with over 17 years of experience, renowned thanks to the quality of its solutions in the world of pharmaceutical vision, control and serialization.

The signed agreement reinforces the synergies already engaged between the two realities in the Latin American market, in which the companies saw a long-term profitable collaboration for the development of software and solutions for the customers.

The acquisition will allow SEA Vision Group to become the first Group in Latin America both in terms of employees (more than 70 people based in the area) and for the vertical specialization in the pharmaceutical industry. The relevant presence of local qualified technicians will facilitate the development of the geographic area without employing European technical resources of the Group. The two Lixis founders, Felipe Llach and Santiago Aranda, will maintain their role as directors of the Company and as supervisors of all the branches of SEA Vision Group in the LATAM market.

SEA Vision announces the acquisition of the Argentine LIXIS

The integration of the product portfolios of the two companies will allow SEA Vision Group to offer to its worldwide customers always more complete, innovative and diversified solutions both in the software and hardware field - with a wide synergy of competences and a specific area of specialization to support the customers. The integration and the reciprocal completion of the offer will allow to develop collaboration projects, becoming a unique point of reference of the Latin America territory.

The acquisition will also allow both companies to share skills and infrastructures with the aim to provide to companies of any size the best and most complex solutions in the field of pharmaceutical vision, control and serialization, and at the same time to guarantee continuous 24-hours support, thanks to the supervision of the staff, employed in continuous shift in between American and European offices.

Local Experience: LIXIS has developed a deep knowledge throughout Latin America market and has a team of highly skilled professionals. Today the team counts 60 people, including more than 40 people specialized in the technical field, dedicated to the development and installation of the systems as well as the customer care services. In addition to their headquarter in Buenos Aires, Lixis has been collaborating with SEA Vision since a long time on the Brazilian market through S.V.L.A.

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