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UPM Raflatac introduces a new topcoat


UPM Raflatac is introducing a significantly improved universal topcoat for all its main PE and PP film products in the European market. The new topcoat will allow a greater range of printing methods to be used on standard films, reducing inventory requirements and making printers’ production processes more efficient.

UPM Raflatac introduces a new topcoat

The new topcoat has been designed using the Triple Gamma (3G) approach, which enables reliably high performance across a wide range of applications. This optimization affects the interaction between the ink and the topcoat, leading to a large number of notable benefits, including significantly improved UV-inkjet printability, improved printability with UV-flexo printing, better ink wet-out, potentially lower ink consumption, and reduced blocking with PP clear-on-clear.

“Multipurpose films make life much easier for printers,” explains Anniina Kujala, Segment Manager, Films EMEIA, UPM Raflatac. “The more robust and versatile a film is, the fewer types of film you need to keep in stock, improving inventory control and efficiency.”

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