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Lintec’s latest tamper-evident labelstock offers increased brand protection

  • Publicado el 19 de Noviembre de 2018

LINTEC Europe is launching Securafol™, a non-PVC, destructible labelstock designed to counter product tampering, warranty fraud and asset theft. Created with brand and product protection in mind, Securafol™ can be utilised for multiple applications, such as asset labels, security seals, product warranty labels and pharmaceutical box seal labels.

Securafol has a 50% higher tensile strength than conventional destructible vinyl and has low internal strength once the labelstock is applied to the surface. This unique balance makes Securafol™ easy to convert on press, but significantly harder to remove post-application. Securafol’s properties enable reliable waste matrix removal on press and comes with superior topcoating for both conventional and thermal transfer printing processes.

Lintec’s latest tamper-evident labelstock offers increased brand protection

Andy Voss, Managing Director of LINTEC EUROPE, says: “Lintec’s commitment to improve product integrity is reflected in the labelstock’s security-enhancing properties. Product theft and tampering are ongoing issues that affect a wide variety of sectors, which is why there is a requirement for labels to be part of any defence system.”

He concludes: “As a company that understands the value of brand integrity, Lintec is putting forward a solution that aims to improve security and reduce the damaging effect that theft and tampering can have on businesses. No matter what sector they specialise in, business owners will always want a guarantee that their products will not be interfered with once they have left the production site. High performance labelstocks such as Securafol represent a simple yet highly reliable solution that will give our customers peace of mind.”

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