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Lintec launches super-strength adhesive labelstock for challenging surfaces

  • Publicado el 23 de Mayo de 2019

Lintec has introduced a new super-strength labelstock, 'UH5070', which includes a highly aggressive adhesive enabling placement on challenging surfaces. The polyester labelstock is targeted at professionals that require labels for high-end applications and industrial components. UH5070 features exceptional adhesive properties when compared to conventional labelstocks. It provides superior adhesion to rough and textured surfaces, making it the ideal solution for information and identification labels used on consumer devices and industrial components. It also offers high adhesive-to-adhesive strength, allowing customers to use the labelstock on applications such as loop tag labels.

Soichiro Fujinaga, Technical Manager of LINTEC EUROPE comments: "There are a wide variety of surfaces - such as textured, low energy, foamed and talc-filled plastics, as well as powder coated or galvanised metals - that can cause issues with the performance of conventional adhesives."  "The labelstock that we are introducing to market provides excellent adhesion to these challenging surfaces. Not only does it deliver superior durability, it also converts cleanly and with minimal to no adhesive secretion ooze on press or during end-user processes, such as thermal transfer printing."

He concludes: "When our customers face difficult application surfaces, we deliver a solution that is fit for purpose. Businesses need their labels to be durable and adhere quickly and easily, while also remaining in position for the entire production life cycle. UH5070 delivers on all of those fronts."

Lintec launches super-strength adhesive labelstock for challenging surfaces

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