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Enercon unveiled its most innovative induction cap sealer the Super Seal™ Pro at Interpack 2023

  • Publicado el 24 de Mayo de 2023

Enercon Industries has launched its latest and most sophisticated induction cap sealer at Interpack 2023. The new Super Seal™ Pro induction cap sealer builds upon the reliability and performance levels of its predecessor the Super Seal™ Touch, while providing powerful features that have never been available before. Paul Bennion, European Sales Director, said: “Enercon is recognised as the leading innovator in induction cap sealing, and we’re pleased to have a show like Interpack to launch our most sophisticated sealer to date.

Enercon unveiled its most innovative induction cap sealer the Super Seal™ Pro at Interpack 2023

“The new features on the Super Seal™ Pro aim to make set-up, operation and troubleshooting even simpler for packagers.” This includes a highly responsive 7” touch screen, which enables advanced controls supporting remote, recipe and local operating modes. This larger screen also come with a detailed help section that instructs operators how to verify if the conveyor, containers, and sealer are set up properly, and provides visual troubleshooting tips.

The Super Seal™ Pro’s integrated intelligence is another innovative function for fault resolution. The system’s new Smart Capture feature automatically records data before, during and after any fault, which can then be downloaded to an integrated USB port and sent to Enercon for rapid troubleshooting. Packagers can also take a snapshot of operating data at any time which can be used by the Enercon support team to validate settings. A full complement of detailed event logs are also available, plus Enercon’s engineers have expanded the system’s compatibility with virtually any network protocols.

The Super Seal™ Pro is ideal for packaging lines running up to 40 metres per minute. It is designed for use in a wide range of packaging applications, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and agrochemical, the cap sealer makes set-up, operation and troubleshooting even easier than before.

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