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Herma will show how PET recycling can be even more successful at Labelexpo

  • Publicado el 28 de Agosto de 2023

HERMA is presenting another milestone for the highly valuable, almost closed material cycle of PET packaging at Labelexpo (Hall 5, Stand C14). The newly developed label adhesive 72Gpw offers approximately double the initial adhesion of standard wash-off adhesives with an equally high final adhesion and above all equally good washability. The Cyclos-HTP Institute has already certified the adhesive 72Gpw accordingly in combination with various film and paper label materials.

Herma will show how PET recycling can be even more successful at Labelexpo

"This gives label users another strong argument to switch to a wash-off solution now. It is no longer necessary to compromise on adhesion or washability," says Hendrik Kehl, product manager at HERMA. "This is particularly important under challenging conditions, for example in high-speed labelling systems or when humid or cool environments come into play." The new label adhesive therefore not only contributes to ensuring safe labelling. It also supports the recycling processes, in which the residue-free separation of the PET material from the label material, including adhesives and printing inks, is essential in order to be able to produce granulate that is as pure as possible.

The HERMA innovation comes at exactly the right time. Closing material cycles and therefore increasing the true recyclability of packaging: This is one of the most important objectives of the planned European Packaging Directive, the draft of which was published at the end of 2022. This is likely to result in stricter packaging design guidelines. Special wash-off applications for labels have been around for some time – HERMA solutions are also already being used in this respect. But market penetration has generally been relatively slow.

The industry association FINAT has now also provided an indication in this regard: "Although these options are available on the market, the majority of labels currently used are made with permanent adhesives rather than with specially developed wash-off adhesives," a statement in July 2023 announced. "We are constantly working to convince label printers and users of this sensible path, because it is very sustainable," says Hendrik Kehl at HERMA. "The new wash-off adhesive is a trend-setting solution."

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